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What Does It Mean To join The BeeHive Club?

Hello everyone, I am MagiK Maggie, the founder of “Bee Amazing”. I created the Bee Amazing Academy to bring together people across the world with the shared goal of creating a flourishing global bee & human population that co-exist & embody Bee Amazing’s bee totems’ inspiring titles.

When you join the Bee Amazing Academy (BAA) you get access to all our environmental & inspirational challenges. Through participation you earn pollen points that can be used to purchase prizes from the online store. Once you have completed filing out your information you will receive a welcome email. This email will contain a pledge of environmentally & vibrationally important actions. Please sign the pledge and print the certificate to display on your wall. This will serve as your daily reminder and a notification to others that you are aiming to bee a superhero. Upon completion you will have earned your first 13 pollen points. Go team!

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